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Crafting a novel was an unexpected journey for me, a path I never envisioned taking. My love for devouring captivating books is insatiable; if a story truly grips me, putting it down becomes nearly impossible. However, the idea of writing never crossed my mind, and I lack the extensive writing history that many remarkable authors possess. Unlike those who carried journals or had stories bursting to be written, my focus during childhood was on figure skating, soccer, and track, which unfortunately led to numerous injuries, resulting in considerable time spent in physical therapy.

It was amidst these challenges that I discovered my passion for helping others. This revelation propelled me to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy at Emory University, culminating in my graduation in 2009. Stepping into the professional realm, I dedicated myself to assisting patients in sports medicine, guiding them on the journey to recovery and enabling them to reach their optimal potential. This intrinsic drive to help people heal became a guiding force in my life.

In May of 2018, I experienced a divine dream and woke with my heart still pounding. The people in my dream were so real, a part of me knew that they needed to be real. My husband of 20 years (14 at the time) and my unwavering supporter told me to write the dream down. I did as he said, but I don't think I could have forgotten any of it as it played on repeat in my mind.

As time progressed, the essence of the dream persisted, lingering in my thoughts even through Thanksgiving that same year. I had been asking the Lord what it all meant and getting the prompting that I was meant to continue the story. Although I had initially dismissed the idea due to my self-professed non-writer status and the perceived difficulty of the task, the dream refused to fade away. I cried out, "Lord, I'm not a writer, I can't do this." His response came like a voice inside of me, "This will pass from your hand." Which I took to mean, if I didn't write this, someone else would and I knew at my very core that I wanted to be a part of something that the Lord had for me to share with others.

Reluctantly, with much apprehension about my ability, I finally seated myself at the computer, offered a prayer, and embarked on the journey of putting words to what you know as Light Bearers: The Awakening.

I grabbed what time I could, writing only when my two youngest boys were at preschool two days a week. More quickly than I could have imagined, I had a novel. I always thought when my youngest son entered elementary school, I would head right back to a physical therapy clinic. I didn’t see this detour coming. However, I am preparing to launch the sequel, Light Bearers: The Deliverance in the Spring of 2024. The third book in the Light Bearers series has a finished first draft and I have started writing in a whole new series. And in case you're wondering, this new series also came from a dream.

I don’t think I'm done with physical therapy, I even got to use some of my knowledge in the second book (fun hint), but I am excited about what God has done in and through me to bring these books to you. I have heard many testimonies of the Lord healing people through The Awakening, and as it turns out I am a storyteller and I absolutely love to write. I also truly believe in the power of the written Word to change lives for good and I know these stories will do that for you as they have done for me while I wrote them.

While I wrote I prayed for you. I prayed that these books would stir hope in your heart and bring you Light in the darkness.

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