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Writing a novel was not something I had ever thought I would do. I love to read and I have a voracious appetite for a good book. I really can’t even put one down if it truly grips me, but writing was not even something on my radar. I don’t have a long writing backstory like so many amazing authors out there. I didn’t carry a journal around and there weren’t any stories bursting out of me to get written down. I was too busy figure skating, playing soccer, and running track all through my childhood. Through those endeavors I wound up with a lot of injuries and spent a lot of time in physical therapy. Out of those experiences, I found my passion to help people. This drove me to pursue my doctorate in physical therapy from Emory University, graduating in 2009. When I joined the professional world, I worked alongside patients in sports medicine helping them come back from injuries and be the best they could be. Helping people heal was a driving force in my life.

In May of 2018, I had a divine dream one night. I woke up feeling like that story needed to be told, but I knew it wasn’t real. My husband of 16 years (14 at the time) told me to write it down anyway. He is my biggest supporter no matter what I’m up to and so, even though I was chalking it up as nothing, I did what he said.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving that year and the dream just wouldn’t go away. I had written it down, but I don’t think I will ever forget it. After much griping about how I wasn’t a writer and this would be too hard, I finally sat at my computer, prayed, and began to type.

I grabbed what time I could, writing only when my two youngest boys were at preschool two days a week (and definitely not over the summer). More quickly than I could have imagined, I had a novel, Light Bearers: The Awakening. I always thought when my youngest son entered elementary school, I would head right back to a physical therapy clinic. I didn’t see this detour coming. However, I have already written a sequel in the Light Bearers series and the third book is just being started. So, now I am a writer.

I don’t think I am done with physical therapy, I even got to use some of my knowledge in the second book (fun hint), but I am excited about what God has done in and through me to bring these books to you. It turns out I am a storyteller and I absolutely love to write. I also truly believe in the power of the written word to change lives for good and I know these stories will do that for you as they have done for me while I wrote them.

While I wrote I prayed for you. I prayed that these books would stir hope in your heart and bring you light in the darkness.

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