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Light Bearers: The Awakening

Sisters Sarah and Amelia are orphaned at a young age and taken in by their wealthy uncle who gives them the best of everything. Amelia embraces their new life, but Sarah struggles to ever feel truly at home. Years after her parents’ death, Sarah makes a startling discovery that plunges her into a darkness she never knew existed, one that will threaten to destroy her relationship with Amelia forever.

If Sarah’s instincts are right, there may not be anyone she can trust. But on an unexpected family vacation, Sarah meets a stranger who reveals a power within her she didn’t know she had, and one she’ll have to master to survive.

What readers are saying about Light Bearers: The Awakening

“Will these wonders ever cease?” - Sarah

“Holding on to yourself when everyone else wants you to change is not prudish, it’s courageous.” - Lucas

“Obviously, you’re not a human, are you?” -Sarah

“This is still the same sun and the same earth. But we are in an area that is pure and bountiful; outside the time of man.” -Lucas

“She already knows my future?” -Sarah; “She knows you in the future.” -Lucas

“You carry within your very being something that will awaken people.” - Pneuma

“Light Bearers” is a must-have book for every teen and adult. Mindy writes with such passion and color that you’ll forget where you are at times and think your dipping your toes into the pristine waters of Ganheela. She writes with such eloquence and masterful storytelling ability I sometimes thought I was reading a C.S. Lewis classic. “Light Bearers” is a book that will leave you changed after just one reading, and when you finish the last page, you’ll want the light within you to shine brighter than ever before.                                             -Jessica Fraser (Author- Keep Going)

This book was beyond amazing. I was left speechless. The characters are beautifully written and so easy to connect with. Everything was described so beautifully that I felt like I could close my eyes and picture myself in the moment. It definitely had you using your imagination and was so fun going there. I believe this book can be enjoyed at any age. It left me wanting to be better and do more good. Seriously could not put this book down and can’t wait for the next one!! 10/10 RECOMMENDED         -Brittany (Amazon Reviewer)

This book was a wonderfully packaged story of hope and purpose. Sarah, Amelia and Lucas begin a journey that teens and adults alike can relate to; learning to discern between good and evil, being confident in our purpose, and having hope outside of our own abilities. I found this book to be completely inspiring and full of much needed truth - anxiously awaiting The Deliverance!      -Mallory (Goodreads Reviewer)

I have loved every second of this book. I feel like I can picture each character and as I got toward the end-I felt like I was reading a movie script. Such gifted writing and what an incredible story of hope and overcoming evil with good! I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Buy it, read it and share it—you will love it!     -Bryan (Amazon Reviewer)

BEST READ OF 2020!!! This is the best book I’ve read in a long time. It’s a teen fiction book that adults will love. Think of a cross between Hunger Games and C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia with a touch of Star Wars sprinkled in.    -Michelle (Amazon Reviewer)


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Light Bearers Book Cover

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