Light Bearers The Awakening. Book One of a thrilling series by Mindy Hite.

Light Bearers: The Awakening

A week ago, Sarah was just trying to fit in at high school and reconnect with her sister who seemed to be slipping away. Now she's fleeing through the woods for her life. As Sarah's circumstances have shown, nothing is as it seems. She may have to trust the stranger with piercing blue eyes as she encounters a world outside of time and powers she didn't know she had.
Mindy Hite author of the popular fantasy fiction series Light Bearers.

A Note From Mindy:

Hello Friend! I’m so thankful you’re here! My fast-paced stories will take you through the darkest depths into the most brilliant Light. They are ones you will struggle to put down and want to read again and again. So grab a copy and tuck in.